Long connector for 1 Phase High-Voltage surface- mounted Track White electral

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This extension can be slid into the rail (plug and play) to connect one with the other rail.

We offer a 2-year warranty on our LED Track Light/Spots.

Rail lighting is a very easy and flexible system. It allows for unlimited additional lighting, and moreover, it is almost always adjustable. We distinguish between 1-phase and 3-phase rail lighting. With a 1-phase rail, a 1-phase rail spot is used, while a 3-phase rail requires a 3-phase rail spot.

In a 1-phase rail system (also known as a monophase system), all rail spots are controlled on one circuit. A circuit refers to the number of rail spots you can illuminate with a single switch. To use a 1-phase rail system, your network can be either monophase or triphasic. For instance, if you have 3 x 380 V, you can use a 1-phase rail, but you're using only 1 circuit. Conversely, in a monophase network (e.g., 1 x 230 V), you can use a 3-phase rail by connecting L1, L2, and L3 together.

In a 3-phase rail system, you have the option to have 3 circuits lit separately. This can be useful if you want to have some spots on the same rail lit with one switch and the others with one or two additional switches. For example, if you have a retail space and want to have basic lighting on after closing hours, you can have a limited number of spots on the rail lit. However, you can also solve this issue by placing all the spots you want to keep continuously lit on a 1-phase rail as well.

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Useindoor use only
Warranty2 years
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