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Round slimline LED panel

Round Slimline Led Panel

Round Slimline Led panels:

These are round Led panels that have different diameters and are easy to build into a False ceiling or a ceiling with a gap of at least 3cm. Round slimline Led panels gives you a soft and even spread of light. Round Slimline Led panels are ideal for general lighting for general lighting applications such as in shops , hallways, offices, toilets, kitchens and public buildings.

LED downlights: are supplied including a standard driver. 

Light colours:Our round Slimline led are available in the different light colours: : K3000 Warm light, K4000 White light, K5000 Cold light and K6000 Daylight.

Warranty:We give a 2-years warranty on our round Slimline led panels and drivers.

We supply to both Professional and Private customers.
Round Slimline Led Panels and led lighting this enables us to offer our products at very competive prices.


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