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UFO LED High Bay Light: Philips SMD 200Watt IP65 Mean Well Driver 125Lumen/W


offer £129.99

200 W


AC180 - 305V


25.000 L




IP 65

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offer £129.99

UFO LED High Bay Light: Philips SMD 200Watt IP65 Mean Well Driver 125Lumen/W

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UFO LED High Bay Light: Philips SMD 100Watt IP65 is suitable for: 
Indoor and Outdoor and is especially applied to high altitudes where TL lighting is insufficient (6 meters and more) equipped with a Mean Well Driver. 

This UFO LED High Bay light has a consumption of 200 watts and an light output of 25.000 Lumen and is available in the following Light colours K4000 White light and K6000 Daylight.

Finishing an what to watch out for:
Our UFO LED Hight Bay has extra cooling ribs, which keeps the UFO cooler and for this it has a much longer life. Many LED products are offered on the internet with low cooling rips or poor heat dissipation, which makes your leds warm an your product has a shorter lifetime. Our UFO LED High Bay is IP65 waterproof and can be used indoors or outdoors.
At the top, the UFO is equipped with a screw-threaded iron eye that can be attached to it, making it simple and easy. 

We supply our product straight from our own factory which allows us to give you a very competitive prices. If you are interested in large quantity order or would you be interested in becoming a DIMAY Dealer, then please contact us directly.

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