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LED RGB Floodlight

RGB floodlight

The RGB construction lamp with remote control and multi-colors in different strengths is ideal for illuminating billboards and objects. But also in the construction world, much use is made of the spotlight. The LED construction lights can now be controlled remotely with RGB. It has become a mood light that deals hip and trendy with the possibilities of LED lighting. In the time of sustainable business, LED building lights are indispensable. These robust LED building lights consume much less than a halogen building light or standard building lights and therefore last much longer. Due to the low consumption, the heat development is also limited to the minimum.

Dimay LED construction lamps are also called LED Floodlight. LED Floodlight is the English expression for LED construction lamp or LED spotlight. Order your RGB construction lamp quickly and easily at DIMAY

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RGB floodlight 10w RGB floodlight 30w RGB floodlight 50w RGB floodlight

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