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LED High Bays

LED High Bays


UFO High Bay LED lighting of A-quality! Often used at high altitudes where fluorescent lamps are no longer sufficient (19.6 feet and more). The UFO HIGH BAY has a special design and is modernly equipped with a wide aluminum plate with design openings for fast and effective heat dissipation. Available in K3000 (warm white), 4000K (natural white) or 6000K (cold white).


There are UFO High Bay, which are equipped with a mean well driver and are characterized by very strict and safety-efficient procedures and quality standards, in which the end user is guaranteed a mature product and a long service life in accordance with all applicable standards.

And there are UFO High fields that are driverless with this LED lighting. No driver is needed to convert the power into the LEDs. However, it is directly controlled internally, with the advantage that your LED lighting is less susceptible to interference and therefore has a longer lifespan.

The LED UFO style is the latest in LED technology and has 120 lumens per watt, is flatter and can therefore be transported more easily, lasts longer and is more efficient than the traditional High Bay.


The LED Ufo High Bay IP65 is waterproof and is therefore suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Since a hook has already been installed on the Ufo High Bay, the installation is simple and easy. We supply both companies and individuals and give a 2 year guarantee.

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  1. High Bay LED 200W driverless

    High Bay LED 200W driverless

    2 years
      • K4000
    Incl. VAT £ 94.22




    120 Lm/W




    IP 20

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