3 phase track connector MINI White-Black

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The I-Joint Small for 3-Phase Rail in White or Black provides a convenient solution for connecting 3-phase rail systems and creating a seamless and streamlined lighting configuration. Here's a brief explanation of how a 3-phase system works and where it is often used:

How does a 3-phase rail system work?

In a 3-phase system, there are three separate conductors (phases) delivering current simultaneously. These phases can be switched independently, providing more flexibility in controlling the lighting. An I-joint like this enables connecting two parts of a 3-phase rail, creating a continuous power supply.


This I-Joint Small for 3-Phase Rail in White or Black is suitable for use in various indoor environments. It is often applied in commercial spaces such as shops, galleries, showrooms, and offices, where flexible and targeted lighting is desired. The I-joint facilitates the installation and expansion of 3-phase rail systems, achieving a seamless connection between rails.

Technical specifications:

Dimensions: Small size, suitable for a discreet connection.
Color: Available in White or Black, allowing it to be adapted to the environment's style.
Material: High-quality material for durability and reliable connections.
This I-Joint Small for 3-Phase Rail combines functionality with a sleek design, providing an essential element for building advanced lighting systems. Thanks to the ability to connect 3-phase rails, it is a useful accessory for professionals in the lighting industry. Enhance the versatility of your lighting configuration with this practical joint.

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