3 phase track connector MINI White-Black

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3 Phase Rail Corner Connector Left 90° - White or Black

This 3 Phase Rail Corner Connector offers flexibility and style in lighting solutions. Choose the color yourself, white or black, to seamlessly match your interior. But what makes this product specific, and what is a 3-phase system used for?


Color Choice: Available in white or black, allowing the customer to select the color that best fits.
Left 90° Corner: Specifically designed to make 90-degree turns to the left in a 3-phase rail lighting system.
What is a 3 Phase System?:
A 3-phase system is an advanced lighting system that provides flexibility in controlling different groups of lamps. With three separate power circuits, lamps can be operated independently, allowing for the creation of various atmospheres or specific accents.

Where is it used?:

Shops and Showrooms: Ideal for illuminating specific products or displays.
Offices: Provides the ability to individually light different work zones.
Galleries and Museums: For accentuating artworks and exhibitions.
Advantages of this Corner Connector:

Stylish Design: The sleek design adds a contemporary look to the lighting installation.
Color Choice: Customers have the freedom to choose the color that best suits their aesthetics.
Flexibility: With the 90° left turn, various spaces can be efficiently illuminated.
With this 3 Phase Rail Corner Connector Left 90°, you not only add functionality to your lighting system but also a touch of personalization and modern aesthetics. It's a smart choice for those seeking versatile and stylish lighting solutions.

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Useindoor use only
Warranty2 years
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