3 Phase rail corner piece Right 90° white-black

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3 Phase Rail Corner Connector Right 90° White-Black:

The 3 Phase Rail Corner Connector Right 90° in White or Black not only provides functionality but also versatility for creating an advanced lighting system. This corner connector allows you to easily make right-angle turns in your 3-phase rail system, allowing for precise and stylish positioning of the lighting.

How does a 3-phase rail system work?

A 3-phase rail system divides the power supply into three separate phases, each with its own conductor. This flexibility allows for independent control of different lighting groups. The 3 Phase Rail Corner Connector Right 90° seamlessly integrates with this system, allowing you to adjust the lighting easily to the needs of the space.


This corner connector is ideal for use in commercial spaces such as shops, showrooms, galleries, and offices. It enables efficient utilization of corners and turns, allowing for precise positioning of the lighting in the space. The customer can choose the color (White or Black), making the corner connector seamlessly blend with the style of the environment.

Technical Specifications:

Minimum purchase: 1 piece
Color: White-Black (customer selection)
Material: High-quality material for durability and stability.
Application: Suitable for 3-phase rail systems.
This 3 Phase Rail Corner Connector combines ease of use with a sleek design and offers a solution for precise lighting control. Customers can choose the desired color, making the corner connector not only functional but also contributing to the aesthetic aspect of the space. It is a valuable addition for professional lighting designs aiming for precision and style.

More Information
Useindoor use only
Warranty2 years
HousingThermo Plastic
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