3-phase Track for LED Spotlight 1.5m White-Black

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The 3-Phase Rail for 1-meter LED Spot in White-Black provides a flexible and efficient lighting solution for various applications. This system utilizes a 3-phase rail system, meaning there are three electrical circuits running parallel to each other. Here is a brief explanation of how a 3-phase system works and where it is often used:

How does a 3-phase rail system work?

In a 3-phase system, there are three separate conductors (phases) supplying current simultaneously. Each of these phases can be switched independently, providing greater flexibility in lighting control. This allows for different groups of LED spots on the same rail system, each connected to a different phase. This makes the system ideal for creating different lighting scenes in a single space.


This 3-Phase Rail for LED Spot system is well-suited for indoor use. It is often applied in commercial spaces such as shops, showrooms, galleries, and offices, where flexible and targeted lighting is required. The system allows for adjusting the lighting to specific needs and changing spatial layouts.

Technical Specifications:

Minimum purchase: 1 piece
Dimensions: 32x35.5x1000mm
IP rating: IP20
Use: Indoor
Warranty: 2 years
Housing: Aluminum
Thickness: 32.5 mm
This 3-phase rail system combines functionality with a sleek design and durable materials such as aluminum. With the ability to connect individual LED spots to different phases, it offers ultimate flexibility in lighting control. Suitable for various indoor environments, this rail brings innovative and customizable lighting to commercial spaces.

More Information
Minimum purchase1 piece
Useindoor use only
Warranty2 years
Thickness (in mm) 32.5
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