Downlight 18W 100/LM 2in1 Surface - Recessed White round IP20 230V

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The 12W LED Downlighter in white with a round shape is a versatile lighting solution suitable for both recessed and surface mounting. This downlighter combines efficiency and elegance to illuminate your indoor spaces. Here are its key specifications and features:

Power (Wattage): With a power output of 12 watts, this downlighter provides ample brightness for various applications in your indoor spaces.

Lumen (Brightness): The downlighter delivers an impressive 100 lumens per watt, resulting in clear and efficient illumination.

Built-in Driver: This downlighter comes with an integrated driver, simplifying the installation process and ensuring trouble-free operation.

IP Rating (Ingress Protection): The downlighter carries an IP20 rating, signifying its protection against dust and contact with fingers, making it ideal for use in dry indoor environments.

CRI (Color Rendering Index): With a CRI value of >80, this downlighter offers excellent color rendition, accurately reproducing colors.

Light Source Included: Yes, this downlighter is supplied with the light source, saving you the effort of separately purchasing a compatible lamp.

Usage: The downlighter is designed for indoor use and is suitable for applications such as general lighting, accent lighting, hallways, living rooms, kitchens, offices, and more.

This downlighter is highly suitable for situations where bright and efficient lighting is required. Its recessed and surface mounting options allow flexible installation to meet your needs. Its high efficiency, good color rendering, and IP20 protection make it a versatile choice for various indoor environments. The white round design complements different interior styles, providing a clean and contemporary look.


The 12W LED Downlighter is most commonly used in a wide range of indoor spaces. Here are some common applications:
Living Rooms: Install the downlighter in the living room to create a pleasant atmosphere and evenly illuminate the space.
Kitchens: Its bright lighting is perfect for kitchens, where precise visibility is crucial for cooking and other tasks.
Hallways: Use this downlighter in hallways to provide a safe and well-lit passage, avoiding obstacles.
Offices: In office environments, the bright lighting fosters a productive workspace and ensures good task lighting at workstations.
Retail Spaces: The downlighter can be used in retail stores for both general illumination and highlighting products.

In summary, the 12W LED Downlighter is a versatile lighting solution that excels in efficiency and brightness. Whether it's for recessed or surface mounting, this downlighter seamlessly fits into various indoor spaces and is suitable for diverse applications.

More Information
Thickness (in mm) 35mm
Type LampLED
To be used at temp-20/+40
Incl. DriverYes
Kwh / year24
Comes with light sourceYes
Useindoor use only
Beam Angle110°
Warranty2 years
Energy labelA+++
Lighting hours 17000 h
CertificateCE / RoHS
Product ColorWhite
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