Led Downlight Smart 12W CCT+DIM Wi-Fi 162x162x35mm Square

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    162 x 162 x 35mm
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Elevate Your Space with the 12W CCT Downlight SMART

Smart Lighting Revolution
Introducing the 12W CCT Downlight SMART, a beacon of innovation in the realm of smart lighting. This Smart LED luminaire, ALGINE, transcends traditional illumination by offering customizable color temperature (CCT), dimmable brilliance (DIMM), and remote control through a dedicated app on your mobile device. Let's delve into the features that make this luminaire a game-changer.

Transform your space with the 12W CCT Downlight SMART, where cutting-edge technology meets aesthetics. Adjust the color temperature to create the ideal ambiance, dim the luminosity for any mood, all at your fingertips through the intuitive mobile app. Illuminate your surroundings with the epitome of smart lighting.

Seamless Integration, Stylish Brilliance
Crafted for modern living, the 12W CCT Downlight SMART by ALGINE boasts a sleek design with recessed mounting. Seamlessly integrating into your space, it adds a touch of sophistication while providing the perfect lighting solution. Embrace the fusion of style and functionality in one remarkable luminaire.

Whether it's your living room, kitchen, or workspace, the 12W CCT Downlight SMART adapts effortlessly. Enhance your environment with a luminaire that not only illuminates but also elevates the visual appeal of your space.

Technological Precision, Certified Assurance
The 12W CCT Downlight SMART combines technological precision with certified assurance. With a power consumption of 12W, a luminous flux of 1150 lm, and an impressive efficacy of 96 lm/W, this luminaire is not just smart; it's brilliantly efficient. Certified by the National Institute of Hygiene, it ensures hygienic excellence for spaces with stringent requirements.

Embrace the brilliance of technology with the 12W CCT Downlight SMART. From its efficient power usage to its hygienic certification, this luminaire is a blend of innovation and assurance, lighting up your space with smart precision.

Keywords: Smart LED, Customizable Color Temperature, Dimmable Illumination, Remote Control, Recessed Mounting

More Information
Beam Angle120
To be used at temp-20/+40
Lighting hours 17000 h
HousingThermo Plastic
Product KleurWhite
Dimensions162 x 162 x 35mm
Mounting Hole155 x 155mm
Minimum purchase1 piece
Warranty2 years
Type LampLED
Incl. DriverYes
Kwh / year24
Comes with light sourceYes
Useindoor use only
Energy labelA+++
CertificateCE / RoHS
Thickness (in mm) 35mm
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