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    55 x 100 x 200mm
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MADARA OPTIMO: Rail Lighting with Replaceable GU10 Light Source

The MADARA OPTIMO rail lighting is an advanced lighting solution that combines contemporary design with unparalleled functionality. Specifically crafted for track mounting, this luminaire promises exceptional light performance with its replaceable GU10 light source.

Key Features:

Sleek Design: Adorned with a sleek black finish, the MADARA OPTIMO introduces a touch of modern sophistication to any setting, seamlessly merging with contemporary interiors.

Effortless Installation: Tailored for track installation, the MADARA OPTIMO ensures a hassle-free setup, providing versatility in placement and light direction.

Replaceable Light Source: The compatibility with the replaceable GU10 light source amplifies the MADARA OPTIMO's versatility, allowing for customizable brightness levels and ambiance.

Sturdy Construction: Constructed with premium ALUMINIUM, this luminaire stands as a beacon of durability and reliability, consistently delivering optimal light output.

Protection and Assurance: Boasting a Protection Class I and an IP20 rating, the MADARA OPTIMO offers a secure and dependable performance, even amidst diverse environmental conditions, spanning a temperature range of -20 to +40 °C.

Extended Longevity: With a commendable lifespan of 17,000 hours, this luminaire ensures sustained illumination, minimizing the need for frequent replacements and ensuring long-term cost efficiency.

Keywords: MADARA OPTIMO, rail lighting, replaceable GU10 light source, ALUMINIUM construction, Protection Class I, IP20 rating, 2-year warranty, contemporary black design.

More Information
Minimum purchase1 piece
Dimensions55 x 100 x 200mm
WattageMax 10w
Useindoor use only
Warranty2 years
Colorlight source not included
Thickness (in mm) 55mm
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