LED Track Spotlight Mini Argent GU10 round 70x100mm

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Illuminate with Precision: CHLOE MINI GU10 TRACK
Versatile Track Luminaire with Replaceable GU10 Light Source
Brighten your space with the CHLOE MINI GU10 TRACK, a track luminaire designed for versatility and precision illumination. This on-track luminaire offers a replaceable GU10 light source, ensuring adaptability for various lighting needs. Crafted with excellence from durable ALUMINIUM, the black finish adds a touch of modern sophistication.

Designed specifically for track mounting, the CHLOE MINI GU10 TRACK provides a flexible lighting solution. Whether enhancing your workspace, gallery, or retail environment, this luminaire seamlessly integrates into any track system, combining functionality with contemporary aesthetics.

Brilliant Lighting Performance and Enduring Build
Experience brilliant lighting performance with the replaceable GU10 light source of the CHLOE MINI GU10 TRACK. Emitting a warm glow, this luminaire creates an inviting atmosphere. With a voltage of 250V and a working temperature range of -20/+40 °C, it ensures reliability and longevity in various settings.

The ALUMINIUM housing not only contributes to its sleek design but also guarantees durability. With a lifespan of up to 17,000 hours, the CHLOE MINI GU10 TRACK is a reliable lighting solution. The IP20 protection rating ensures its suitability for indoor applications.

Streamlined Design for Effortless Integration
Enhance your space with the streamlined design of the CHLOE MINI GU10 TRACK. With compact dimensions of 70x100 [mm], this luminaire effortlessly fits into various environments. The black color adds a modern touch, making it an aesthetic complement to contemporary interiors.

Say goodbye to frequent replacements and welcome energy-efficient lighting. The CHLOE MINI GU10 TRACK combines modern aesthetics with practicality, offering an eco-friendly lighting solution that aligns with contemporary design trends. Transform your space with this track luminaire that seamlessly combines form and function.

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More Information
Minimum purchase1 piece
Dimensions70x100 mm
WattageMax 10w
Useindoor use only
Warranty2 years
Colorlight source not included
Thickness (in mm) 70mm
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