Recessed Spotlight Maxi AR111 for 2xGU10 White 186x336x43mm IP20

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    186x336x43 mm
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LED Recessed Spot Maxi AR111 - 2x GU10 Fitting - White Square - Without Light Sources - Compatible with Smart Bulbs - 2-Year Warranty

The LED Recessed Spot Maxi AR111 with 2x GU10 fitting offers an advanced and versatile solution for your indoor lighting. With its white square design, this spot not only adds style to your space but also provides the flexibility to choose your own light sources, including smart bulbs, to create a smart and personalized lighting experience.

Key Features:
2x GU10 Fitting: This recessed spot comes with 2 GU10 fittings, giving you the option to install two separate light sources. This allows you to customize the lighting for different needs and zones in your space.

White Square Design: The modern white square design adds a contemporary and sleek look to your interior. It seamlessly fits into various interior styles, contributing to a refined atmosphere.

Compatible with Smart Bulbs: This spot is compatible with smart bulbs, allowing you to easily control and adjust the lighting via smart devices. Create the desired ambiance using smart technology.

Adjustable Light: Since the spot is delivered without light sources, you have the freedom to choose your own GU10 bulbs, including dimmable, colored, or smart variants. Adjust the light based on your mood and activity.

Easy Installation: The recessed design enables effortless integration into ceilings, ensuring a clean and professional finish.

2-Year Warranty: We believe in the durability of our products. Therefore, this LED Recessed Spot comes with a 2-year warranty, allowing you to confidently enjoy your lighting solution.

Upgrade your indoor lighting with the versatile LED Recessed Spot Maxi AR111. The white square design, double GU10 fitting, and the option to use smart bulbs make this spot ideal for a modern and smart lighting solution. Order today and explore the possibilities of personalized lighting.

More Information
Minimum purchase1 piece
Dimensions186x336x43 mm
WattageMax 2 x 25w
Useindoor use only
Warranty2 years
Colorlight source not included
Thickness (in mm) 43mm
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