X-Koppelstuk voor 3-fase rail wit-zwart

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The X Connector for 3-Phase Rail in White-Black is a versatile accessory that allows you to effortlessly create an X-shaped connection between different parts of your 3-phase rail system. This stylish connector combines functionality with a sleek design and provides a comprehensive lighting solution for various spaces.

How does a 3-phase rail system work?

A 3-phase rail system distributes the power supply into three separate phases, each with its own conductor. These three phases provide the ability to control groups of lighting independently. The X Connector for 3-Phase Rail seamlessly integrates with this system, enabling you to connect multiple rails, creating an efficient and flexible lighting configuration.


This X Connector is highly suitable for use in commercial spaces such as shops, showrooms, galleries, and offices. It allows you to create creative and symmetrical lighting arrangements, presenting the lighting in a space in an artistic and functional manner.

Technical specifications:

Minimum purchase: 1 piece
Color: White-Black
Material: Durable material for a reliable and stable X-shaped connection.
Application: Suitable for 3-Phase Rail systems.
This X Connector not only adds functionality to your lighting system but also contributes to the modern and aesthetic design of the space. With this accessory, you can create a unique and contemporary lighting layout, making it a valuable addition to professional lighting designs.

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