HALLS LINE HIGH BAY 100W NW (4000 kelvins) 230V 90st IP66 IK10 black 5 years warranty 0-10V

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Illuminate Your Space with Precision using the HALLS LINE 100W High Bay Luminaire

Introducing the HALLS LINE 100W high bay luminaire, a powerful lighting solution designed for spaces where precision and efficiency matter. With its advanced technology, durable construction, and sleek design, this suspended luminaire is the perfect choice for environments demanding high-quality lighting.

Key Features:

High Illumination Power: Boasting an impressive 100W power and a luminous efficacy of 155 lm/W, the HALLS LINE delivers outstanding brightness with a luminous flux of 15500 lm (360)°, providing brilliant illumination for large areas.

Robust Construction: Crafted from high-quality ALUMINIUM, this suspended luminaire is engineered for longevity, ensuring reliable performance even in demanding industrial and commercial settings.

Versatile Suspension Mounting: Designed for suspended mounting, the HALLS LINE offers versatile installation options to optimize lighting placement according to specific requirements.

Precise Light Control: With a narrow beam angle of 90°, this luminaire provides directional light, allowing you to highlight specific surfaces or areas with precision and control.

Neutral and Universal Lighting: Emitting neutral light with a colour temperature of 4000K, the HALLS LINE creates comfortable and universally appealing illumination suitable for various applications.

High Level of Protection: Featuring a high level of protection with IP66, this luminaire is resistant to dust and water jets, making it suitable for a variety of industrial and commercial environments.

Impact Resistance: With an impact resistance class of IK10, the HALLS LINE is designed to withstand impacts, ensuring durability and reliability in demanding environments.

5-Year Warranty: Backed by a 5-year warranty, this suspended luminaire reflects confidence in its quality and long-term performance.

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More Information
Minimum to order1
Thickness (in mm) 95mm
Connectionpower cord +/-40cm
Type LampLED
To be used at temp-20/+40
Incl. DriverYes
Kwh / year200
Comes with light sourceNo
Useindoor & outdoor
Beam Angle90°
Warranty5 years
HousingAluminum and PC
Energy labelA+++
Lighting hours 50000h
CertificateCE / RoHS
Product KleurBLACK
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