LED Flood Light 100W incl. powercord 30cm

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    294x215x30 mm
  • lumen
    86 lm/W
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This 100W LED Floodlight offers a high-quality solution for illuminating large outdoor spaces and commercial environments. Whether you're looking to enhance security, highlight architectural details, or simply need bright, reliable lighting, this floodlight delivers impressive performance and durability to meet all your lighting needs.


High Lumen Output (85L/W): With a remarkable lumen output of 85 lumens per watt, this LED floodlight provides incredibly efficient illumination. You can enjoy bright and powerful light with minimal energy consumption.

Rugged IP65 Rating: This floodlight is classified with an IP65 rating, meaning it is dust-tight and protected against low-pressure water jets. This makes it ideal for use in demanding outdoor environments and ensures performance in all weather conditions.

Compact and Versatile Design: Measuring 294x215x30 mm, this floodlight is compact and easy to install. It can be mounted on walls, ceilings, poles, or other suitable surfaces, making it suitable for various applications, from lighting large parking lots to marking extensive areas.

Impressive Lumen Output: This floodlight offers brightness that meets even the most demanding lighting needs. With a 100W power, it is capable of effectively illuminating large outdoor spaces.

Long Lifespan: With an estimated lifespan of 17,000 hours, this floodlight is designed to perform long-term with minimal maintenance and without frequent replacement.

5-Year Warranty: We value your satisfaction and peace of mind, which is why we offer a generous 5-year warranty on this floodlight, allowing you to confidently enjoy your new lighting solution.

IK10: The "IK" rating is used to indicate the impact resistance of electrical equipment. In this case, "IK10" means that the floodlight has a high degree of impact resistance, making it capable of withstanding impacts and shocks. This makes the floodlight suitable for use in rugged environments where bumps and jolts may occur, further enhancing its durability and reliability.

This LED Floodlight with IK10, a 100W power, and a generous 5-year warranty provides a reliable and durable solution for all your outdoor lighting needs. Its simple and timeless design, high lumen output, and excellent durability make it suitable for both residential and commercial applications. Whether you're looking to enhance security, accentuate architectural features, or achieve professional lighting, this floodlight offers the performance and quality you seek. Trust this LED Floodlight to effectively and reliably illuminate your outdoor space.

More Information
Minimum purchase1 piece
Dimensions294x215x30 mm
Thickness (in mm) 30mm
Connectionpower cord +/-40cm
Type LampLED
To be used at temp-20/+40
Lumen86 lm/W
Incl. DriverSin transformador (no requiere transformador)
Kwh / year200
Comes with light sourceYes
Useindoor & outdoor
Beam Angle85°
Warranty5 years
HousingAluminum and PC
Energy labelA+++
Lighting hours 50000h
CertificateCE / RoHS
Product KleurGrey
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