LED Flood Light 200W incl. powercord 30cm

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Product Description: LED Floodlight 200W 100L/W IP65

This 200-watt LED Floodlight is a powerful and energy-efficient lighting solution designed for outdoor and rugged environments. With an efficiency of 100 lumens per watt, this fixture provides bright and uniform light with minimal energy consumption, resulting in significant energy savings compared to traditional lighting sources.

Key Features:
IP65 Rating: The IP65 rating indicates that this floodlight is dust-tight and protected against water spray from all directions. This makes the fixture highly suitable for use in demanding conditions such as construction sites, stadiums, parking lots, and outdoor areas.
Aluminum and Polycarbonate Housing: The fixture's housing is made of durable aluminum and polycarbonate, making it resistant to shocks, vibrations, and corrosion. This ensures a long lifespan and reliability, even in harsh environments.
High Brightness: With a total light output of 20,000 lumens, this 200W LED floodlight provides powerful illumination for large areas. This makes it ideal for applications where high brightness is required, such as sports fields, construction sites, and event venues.
40 cm Power Cord: This floodlight comes with a 40 cm power cord, which is convenient for connecting to the electrical grid. Ensure that you have the proper connections and installation instructions for safe operation.
Driverless Design: The driverless design of this floodlight eliminates the need for external drivers, making installation easier and reducing the chances of malfunctions due to driver issues. This enhances the reliability of the lighting.

This LED Floodlight is ideal for a wide range of applications, including:
Construction Sites: The powerful light of this fixture makes it ideal for use on construction sites, where good lighting is essential for safety and productivity, especially at night.
Sports Fields: This fixture can evenly illuminate sports fields, such as soccer fields, tennis courts, and athletic tracks, for nighttime events and training sessions.
Parking Lots: It provides ample brightness to safely illuminate parking lots and garages, enhancing the safety of vehicles and pedestrians.
Event Venues: For outdoor concerts, festivals, and other events, this floodlight offers the necessary brightness to illuminate the venue effectively.

Industrial Facilities: The durable design makes this fixture suitable for use in industrial environments where reliability and long lifespan are crucial.

In summary, the 200W LED Floodlight is a versatile and durable lighting solution suitable for various outdoor applications. The IP65 rating, aluminum and polycarbonate housing, driverless design, and high brightness make it an excellent choice for those seeking efficient and reliable lighting in demanding environments.en betrouwbare verlichting voor veeleisende omgevingen.

More Information
Minimum to order1
Dimensions410x290x30 mm
Thickness (in mm) 30mm
Connectionpower cord +/-40cm
Type LampLED
To be used at temp-20/+40
Incl. DriverSin transformador (no requiere transformador)
Kwh / year400
Comes with light sourceYes
Useindoor & outdoor
Beam Angle85°
Warranty5 years
HousingAluminum and Polycarbonate
Energy labelA+++
Lighting hours 50000h
CertificateCE / RoHS
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