Solar Outdoor LED Spotlight on Spike

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    24 Hours
  • garantie
    2 years
  • afmetingen
    95x188x122mm (290mm with spike)
  • lumen
  • blub
    3.7 V
  • ip

Product Description:
The Led Solar Garden Spotlight IP65 K4000 Black is a powerful and eco-friendly lighting solution for your outdoor space. This garden spotlight operates on solar energy and is designed to provide bright and neutral white light without the need for electrical wiring. With a robust housing and an IP65 rating, this garden spotlight is built to withstand the elements and deliver reliable illumination, even in various weather conditions.

Key Specifications:

Voltage: The garden spotlight operates at a voltage of 3.7 V, supplied by the built-in rechargeable battery.

Protection Class: The garden spotlight has a protection class III, indicating an additional layer of protection against electric shocks.

Luminous Flux: This garden spotlight offers a luminous flux of 200 lumens and features a wide 360-degree beam angle, making it capable of illuminating a large area.

Color Temperature: The lighting has a color temperature of 4000 K, resulting in neutral white light suitable for various lighting applications.

Light Color: The light emitted by this garden spotlight is neutral in color.
Beam Angle: The garden spotlight has a 90-degree beam angle, providing directed illumination in the desired direction.

Temperature Range: This garden spotlight is suitable for use in a temperature range of -20°C to +40°C, making it resilient to various weather conditions.

Lifespan: The estimated lifespan of this garden spotlight is 17,000 hours, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Housing Material: The housing of the garden spotlight is constructed from PC (polycarbonate) and ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene), guaranteeing durability and weather resistance.

IP Rating: The garden spotlight has an IP65 rating, which means it is dust-tight and resistant to splashing water, making it suitable for use in demanding outdoor environments.

Color: The garden spotlight comes in a black color, providing a contemporary appearance that complements various outdoor settings.

Dimensions: The dimensions of the garden spotlight are 95x188x112 mm, and with the included spike foot, it adds an additional 290 mm for ground installation.

Weight: The garden spotlight weighs approximately 0.25 kg.

Mounting Method: You can install the garden spotlight either on the ground (GRUNTOWY) or surface-mounted, depending on your preference and application.

Application: This garden spotlight is intended for outdoor environments (EXT) and can be used for garden lighting, illuminating garden paths, marking driveways, and other outdoor lighting applications.

Warranty: The garden spotlight comes with a 2-year warranty, providing peace of mind for your investment.

In summary, the Led Solar Garden Spotlight IP65 K4000 Black offers powerful and energy-efficient lighting for your outdoor space. Thanks to its solar panel and motion sensor, this garden spotlight delivers reliable illumination without the need for electrical wiring, making it a practical and eco-friendly choice for outdoor lighting applications.

More Information
Wattage3.7 V
Minimum to order1
Dimensions95x188x122mm (290mm with spike)
Thickness (in mm) 95mm
Type LampLED
To be used at temp-20/+40
Comes with light sourceYes
Useoutdoor use only
Beam Angle90°
Warranty2 years
HousingThermo Plastic
Energy labelA+++
Lighting hours 17000 h
CertificateCE / RoHS
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