Triac Dimmer max 600Watt 220V with Rotary Cover Plate

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This Triac dimmer is designed for a maximum power of 600 watts and is suitable for various lighting applications. With this dimmer, you can easily adjust the brightness of your LED panel or any other light fixture to create the desired lighting atmosphere.

The dimmer comes with a set of 4 steel cables that are 1 meter long. These cables can be inserted into the provided sleeve and adjusted to any length, allowing for flexible installation and customization.

The set includes 4 cables along with the necessary mounting hardware, making it convenient and easy to hang your LED panel from a ceiling. The white border of the panel adds a sleek and modern touch to its appearance, complementing different interior styles.

We offer a 3-year warranty for this LED panel, demonstrating our confidence in its quality and durability. In the unlikely event of any issues within this warranty period, we will provide an appropriate solution.

Available in three different light colors, K3000, K4000, and K6000, this LED panel ensures versatility in meeting your specific lighting requirements.

Overall, the LED panel measures 60x60cm, has a power of 40 watts with 100 lumens per watt, and is equipped with a flicker-free driver. Its white border adds a stylish touch, and the panel comes with a 3-year warranty, providing you with reliable and long-lasting lighting for various applications.


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