LED Panel Suspension Kit |Ceiling Hanging Cable For Led Panel

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This suspension kit consists of four steel cables designed to securely hang an LED panel or any other light fixture from a ceiling. Each cable is 1 meter long and can be easily inserted into the provided sleeve, allowing for adjustable length.

The set comes with four cables and accompanying mounting materials, providing everything you need to securely attach your light fixture. Whether you're hanging an LED panel, pendant lamp, or any other type of light fixture, this suspension kit offers a reliable solution.

With the adjustable cables, you can customize the height of the light fixture to suit your needs, ensuring optimal lighting for your space. Whether it's an office, a shop, or a residential environment, this suspension kit ensures a secure and professional ceiling installation for your light fixture.

Thanks to the included mounting materials, installation is simple and hassle-free. You can use this suspension kit to securely and stably hang your light fixture, creating a well-illuminated space with a clean and professional appearance.

With this suspension kit, you can achieve a secure and sturdy attachment for your LED panel or other light fixtures, providing a reliable solution for your lighting needs.

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Thickness (in mm) 1mm
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