LED Panel Surface Mounting Kit 30x60cm 5cm White Aluminium

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This surface mount frame is specifically designed for installing an LED panel and provides a simple and practical solution for ceiling or wall mounting. The frame has dimensions of 30x60 cm and a height of 45 mm, making it perfect for supporting an LED panel of the same size.

The surface mount frame is made of high-quality material and has a sleek and modern appearance in the color white. It is durable and sturdy, allowing for safe and stable mounting of the LED panel.

The installation of the surface mount frame is easy and does not require complicated tools. The frame comes with all the necessary mounting hardware, allowing you to quickly and effortlessly get started.

This white surface mount frame is designed to seamlessly integrate into various interior styles and provides a clean and professional look for your LED panel installation.

In summary, with this 30x60 cm surface mount frame, with a height of 45 mm, in the color white, you can easily install your LED panel and enjoy a clean and professional appearance in any room.

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