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GU10 LED Bulbs

 GU10 LED bulbs 

The biggest difference between both types of LED spots is the voltage at which they work. The MR16 LED spot, also called GU5.3, is a low voltage LED lamp. This works through an external transformer. That while the GU10 LED spot works directly on 230V.

Light color:
GU10 / MR16 LED spots are available in different colors: K2700 (Warm light) K4000 (white light) and K6000 (daylight).

Aluminum housing:
The frame of the LED spot is in aluminum. The advantage of aluminum is that it is a good heat conductor. If the LED chips are in continuous operation and produce a heat of ± 60 to 70 degrees, the heat can easily be removed through the aluminum housing and the LED chips therefore have a longer life expectancy.

It is very easy to replace an existing halogen spotlight with a GU10 / MR16 LED spotlight. You must unscrew the old sport and replace it with the new spot LED GU10 / MR16. You can purchase all conventional and traditional spots from DIMAY and you can save considerably on your energy bill.

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LED GU10 bulbs LED GU10 bulbs LED GU10 bulbs LED GU10 bulbs

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