Power Gear 1 Circuit Track Lighting

Power Gear 1 Circuit Track Lighting
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Rail System for Track light Fase 1

What is 1-Fase Railsystem?
With a 1-phase rail system (also called a single-phase system), all rail spots are operated on 1 circuit. A circuit means that all rail spots can be operated via 1 switch.

To attach this Led-Spots Line Lighting you need a special rail (Option) this rail is 150cm long and can be extended by means of accessories.
The rail is connected to the electrical network on 1 side. All spots can be mounted on this rail with a simple connection and because it is a voltage rail, your spots will burn as soon as they are attached (Plug and play)
The Line Lighting is widely used: -Stores - Department stores - Museums - Galleries, etc.

Available in black or white housing.