LED Sports field lighting:
This LED lamp is specially made for illuminating Sports fields such as Padel courts, Tennis courts, Football fields, Sports halls, Riding schools etc.
Because this LED sports field lighting is equipped with glare-free glass, the athlete can look into the light during his game without dazzling it. The housing is made of aluminum and the lamps can be adjusted independently.
This LED Stadium Lighting can be easily attached by means of the mounted iron suspension bracket.
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These LED lamps are available in 300, 600, 900 and 1200 watts.
If desired, we can supply customized wattages and models.

Light output:
We have this LED sports field lighting as standard in light color K6000 because this is the most common light color for a sports field lighting.
If you would like a different color, please contact us: info@dimay.com
These LED Lamps have a light output of 130-135 Lumen per watt.

The LED lamps are independently adjustable for any desired light angle.

Where to use?
These LED Lamps can be used for many purposes, you should think of:
Stadiums, soccer fields, paddle courts, courts, basketball halls, tennis courts, Sports fields, Athletics courts, Indoor Sports halls, Swimming pools, Riding arena, Riding schools, Ice rinks, Harbors, Fairgrounds but are also very suitable for large parking lots or other large areas that need to be well lit.